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Hello All,

I’m not sure where to start, we’ve been trying to get this out for days now to no avail. I’m going to start with a timeline of what’s been going on behind the scenes.


DeHashed started as a passion project. The project has had predecessors, both available to the private and public sector. DeHashed was meant to be a tool to catch cyber-criminals and aid law enforcement with their investigations. At the same time, it was going to be in my own eyes, a more advanced and modern engine. Since starting, we’ve grown from just one person on their MacBook to a team of five people. While not impressive to those of you who own businesses, it was a remarkable accomplishment for me, at least. DeHashed was never meant to replace my main job, but it has, and for the better. I’m incredibly proud of my team and extremely thankful for all the hard work and effort they’ve put in on this journey.

Legal Issues

We’ve always walked a fragile line between legal and illegal. We have consistently done our best to be on the legal side of things; This means no cracking of passwords, or buying/selling/trading data sets, and so on. However, We’ve unfortunately been struggling with Legal issues starting January of 2019 (We were unable to speak openly about this at the time). We’ve had numerous inquiries from law enforcement and a lot of backlash from investors. At one point, DeHashed was mere moments away from closing down for good. But thanks to a great community, fantastic users, and supportive investors, we were able to stay afloat. DeHashed was never supposed to be a money-making machine. Our FAQ Page states, which hasn’t changed since day one:

“We are not overpriced and do not charge for most services. Security should be free, people should not have to pay to feel safe on the internet.”

We’ve stood by this belief for the longest, we’ve never raised our prices and never went after money-hungry features. We are barely clearing enough to pay servers and employees. I do not take home anything from this. In the rare occurrence of their being are any extra funds, it’s used as a salary for myself. But otherwise, most of my expenses come from my savings.

Payment Issues

We’ve been having issues with our payment providers, especially lately. Due to the legal battle, our PayPal account was closed indefinitely. We’re looking into alternative payment providers at the moment. If you have any suggestions, please open a support ticket and let us know (we are currently looking into stripe, but we will implement various processors).

Search Engine, Data, & Support Issues

Our engine hasn’t received any updates since the start of the legal cases. Data sets were uploaded but not indexed, and support has been shut down for the past nine months. Our lawyers advised us not to remain active on the site, and not to push any more updates, data sets, or respond to any tickets. In essence, we were asked to not operate at ALL. So that we don’t dig our selves deeper, in the event we ended up losing the legal battle.

The Outcome

Since the legal case against DeHashed was dropped, I’ve scrambled to bring my team back together. Most of them had gotten other jobs, or in the middle of interviews. Once I’ve spoken to all team members and agreed on terms, they’ve all joined back on board. The team is fully assembled again.

The ugly part of the outcome is, we’ve lost most of our funds. Most of my savings went towards the legal battle, and with PayPal shutting down our account which had remaining funds. We will, however, starting Monday, 8/26/2019, resume all operations.

Moving Forwards, What to Expect.

Our next steps are clear. We will begin using a new payment provider starting this weekend. We will enable our entire cluster to be searchable (this means an enormous performance boost, along with ALL records being made available. This will take time to take effect, 2-3 weeks.)

New data sets will be added, such as Collections 2 – 5, Antipublic 2019, and all of rounds 1 – 6 from GnosticPlayers. In total, there are nearly 2 billion additional records that have not been uploaded and almost three Billion records that have not been made searchable. We’ve also obtained data sets from websites such as Spokeo, Whitepages, and many more. We plan on adding all these records to DeHashed, so it can also double as a peoples search, saving you fees from having to use multiple platforms.

Over the next month, you should see significant engine hauls, bug fixes, and a dramatic increase in records/results. We will also be automating API sales and making government level access and student access automated (free).

Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank every one of you personally. This journey has been exciting. We’ve grown to over 100,000 users in a year, with no advertising (although we did once sponsor a fantastic podcast). Everything has come from word of mouth. On top of this, users continue to join and speak highly of our tool. Again, I’m deeply sorry. I would have made things clearer had I been allowed to do so. But all of that is behind us, and we will move forward and make things right.


  • FBI using DeHashed to catch a pedophile (57:53)
  • Disclosing various breaches to HaveIbeenPwned, most notable being BlankMediaGames
  • Providing free API access to 1,500 U.S. Based law enforcement Agencies.
  • Providing API access to over 50 Fortune 500 Companies
  • Providing API access to over 1,000 companies.
  • Providing free API access to over 20 Universities, and over 5,000 Students.
  • Providing free API access to organizations around the world fighting crime, such as the UK’s National Counter Terrorism Policing Network (NCTPN) task force.
  • and various other NGO and anti-fraud organizations.