— #FreeThePassword

Ticketfly has confirmed it was hacked, and that the attackers compromised a lot of private data. The company has made a statement here.


Our system detected an I.P xxx.172.139.39 Located in: Buffalo, New York, United States (Provided by ColoCrossing) Hosting an Array of data.

The directory, left open for the world to see included a lot of sensitive data, and more importantly a very interesting directory titled “TicketFly”. Inside, 3740 files that include data that checks out with that on TicketFly. Including some information on some DeHashed.com employees.

The now-defunct open directory displays an error message of:

The total affected user count is officially: 26,151,201

Update: All Information was forwarded to proper authorities!

DeHashed will make an attempt to obtain the breached data and send an automated email to all those affected.

Update: DeHashed has obtained a copy of the Database and will be disclosing more information soon.


Source: Kris Holt